Beau petit jouet, grosse touffe.

Pre-Order Black Milk’s forthcoming album, If There’s A Hell Below, out October 28.


Physical and Digital on Bandcamp:

If There’s A Hell Below
01. Everyday Was ft. Mel
02. What It’s Worth
03. Leave The Bones Behind ft. Blu and Ab
04. Quarter Water ft. Pete Rock
05. Hell Below ft. Gene Obey
06. Detroit’s New Dance Show
07. Story and Her
08. All Mighty
09. Scum ft. Random Axe
10. Gold Piece ft. Bun B
11. Grey for Summer
12. Up & Out

Black Milk Fall Tour Dates
Sep 27 - Austin, TX at The North Door*
Oct 17 – New York, NY at The Studio at Webster Hall^
Oct 18 – Philadelphia, PA at Johnny Brenda’s^
Oct 19 – Burlington, VT at Signal Kitchen^
Oct 20 – Montreal, QC at Cabaret Underworld^
Oct 21 – Ottawa, ON at Ritual^
Oct 23 – Toronto, ON at Tattoo Queen West^
Oct 24 – Chicago, IL at Reggie’s^
Oct 25 – Toledo, OH at Frankies^
* Live beat set
^ With live band Nat Turner

Outkast - A bad note

Titre funkadelicieux. Album foutoir. Film discutable.

The Voyagers x #BringDatFunk

Le changement, c’est maintenant.

Electric Wire Hustle - By & Bye

SKVTR - Only You

Indelible MC’s (co flow, Juggaknots & J-Treds) at Fat Beats 1997.

séance vieux con : les jams dans feu la boutique Fat Beats.

story behind funkin for Jamaica (NY)

Funkyclassicotueriedanceflooresque. NY, je t’aime.

Rustie - Attak ft. Danny Brown

le duo qui tâche.

All Hop music clip